Melody Johnston

Melody Johnston

Nutrition Coach

Snatch: 120 lbs
Clean & Jerk: 155 lbs


WAG Certified Nutrition Coach

About Coach

Growing up I was always encouraged to be active. My mom enrolled me in ballet when I was 3 and I danced until I was 15. I swam recreationally in a summer league for several years of my youth. I learned to waterski at the age of 10 and still enjoy slalom skiing with my family a few times per year.

Turning Point

A few years after having my son I had let my body go and was unhappy with how I looked and felt. I started working out at home, then made my way to the gym. I have maintained a regular workout schedule ever since. I found Crossfit Four Pillars several years later in 2015 when I enrolled my son in the kids class. My husband joined one year later, and I followed 6 months after him. We have been Crossfitting since 2016. The importance of nutrition didn't really come into play for me until 2019. I had to have abdominal surgery and again found myself uncomfortable in my own skin after my recovery. I enlisted the help of a nutrition coach and really dialed my body in over the following year. During the year I worked with my coach I learned a lot about how to properly fuel my body and slowly built my confidence. With inspiration from the process I began reading more about nutrition, and then completed my WAG Nutrition Coaching certification.

Motivation & Passion

I look forward to working with clients who are motivated to learn about how nutrition is the key to unlocking their inner strength and helping them build confidence in and out of the gym. When you invest in your nutrition you are investing in your future you!

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